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The official web site of the Bujinkan. 
The home page for Richard Van Donk, the supplier of Hatsumi Sensei's Quest video training series and other books. Aside from going to Japan yourself he is the only source for purchasing these materials in the U.S.
A resource of important Bujinkan information, including a worldwide Bujinkan dojo listing, "The Source," which contains information directly from Hatsumi Sensei, translation information and seminars.
This is Shihan Jack Hoban's web site, which provides information related to seminars, training, the Dual Life Value and his essays.
The Warrior Creed
by Dr. Robert Humphrey. Valuable attitudes to train as a warrior.
Ninpo Intelligence Network
Home page of Shihan Dick Severance. My teacher. A valuable site for training tools, VHS/DVD's and seminars.
Bujinkan Taka-Seigi Dojo
The home page for Shihan Phil Legare. Along with Shihan Michael Pearce, Shihan Legare post current training videos from Japan. One of the few sites authorized by Soke.
Jōji Ohashi's Web Site
Jōji is the class administrator for the Hombu dōjō in Japan. His web site provides the latest up-to-date information regarding training times and news. A must read if you're going to Japan.
Kutaki no Mura BBS
A Bujinkan discussion forum run by Shawn Gray, a student of Hatsumi-Sensei currently living in Japan. Shawn also hosts a weekly Bujinkan podcast.
Henka-Bujinkan Hombu Dojo-A Local's Perspective
Doug Wilson (one of the main interpreters at Soke's classes) has started a new site which is dedicated to giving Soke's word. I strongly suggest everyone in the Bujinkan visit the blog occasionally and have a better understanding of Soke's teachings .
Tom Brown Jr's Tracker School
Although not specifically related to martial arts, the Tracker School offers classes in many skills complementary to ninjutsu, such as stealth, tracking, shelter, fire, medicinal plants, survival and other primitive skills.
IACE Travel
The travel agency I use when I go to Japan. They have consistently provided ticket at a lower cost than most airlines. There is an office here in Orlando. As for June ( 800-435-4223 or ).


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